Tomatrax Music Blog Interview

27th October 2014 by Richard Rowe

Thanks to Richard Rowe and Tomatrax for the continuing support - Michael

Following a 12 year hiatus, former Hardheads and Watershed frontman Michael Cullen has returned with his second solo album, True Believer. Tomatrax caught up with Michael to discuss the album.

TT: You’ve just released your second solo album, what’s it like to have it out?

MC: A relief. This album was a lot harder to make than Love Transmitter for a whole lot of reasons but a good result in the end so I’m pleased.

TT: Where did the name True Believer come from?

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The Pen's Eye View Interview: Michael Cullen

January 19th 2014 by Richie Frieman

Thank you Richie Frieman and the Pen's Eye View team for a really enjoyable interview! Always love talking about the craft! - Michael

It’s not easy to describe and categorize the style and influences of one Mr. Michael Cullen – the singer/songwriter based out of Australia (though born in England) has enjoyed a long career in the music industry, starting in the 90’s with bands like The Hardheads and Watershed. Through releases such as The Long Goodbye (1993), You Buried Me(1995), and Sour Pop (1997), Cullen’s musical palette started to take shape, and in 2002 with his first solo record, Love Transmitter, we finally heard what Mr. Cullen was all about. read more ...

Under The Gun Review Interview: Michael Cullen

December 13th 2013 by Brian Lion

Thanks again to Brian Lion and Under The Gun Review for such a great interview! - Michael

Australia’s Michael Cullen has had somewhat of a sparse musical career over the past two decades or more, having taken extensive breaks in between projects and releases, but after having re-issued a remastered version of his most recent release, Love Transmitter, Cullen is already well into his next effort with plans to release in 2014.

We had the opportunity to speak with Cullen as he discussed his musical history, his varying influences, and how his newest release will differ from Love Transmitter. Follow us through the jump and get caught up with Michael Cullen in this exclusive UTG interview. read more ...