Love Transmitter

Created early last decade by Michael Cullen, formerly the singer and guitarist in a number of obscure Sydney post-punk bands, in the middle of a marriage breakup and on the edge of a nervous breakdown, this 'lost' album could be the greatest record you've never heard. Australian music blog Tomatrax rated it as the 18th best Australian album of all time, just after The Saints "I'm Stranded".

Recorded, mixed and produced by Tim Powles, the master of atmosphere behind many of The Church's recent comeback triumphs, it is a beguiling collection of songs about love - finding it, losing it and maybe just hanging on to it.

Now re-mastered and re-issued for you to enjoy.


Original Press Release


Ten lush, engaging, and addictive songs about love and obsession produced by Tim Powles of The Church. Michael Cullen's stunning new album is a red wine soaked magic pudding of a record, consisting of equal parts dark beautiful melody, seamless ensemble musicianship and velvet voiced seduction.

Love Transmitter is a left field masterpiece as fresh as it was unexpected. From the sweet and sour pop confection of Do You Believe? to the soaring Beach Boys in a spitfire sound scape of All Used Up, from the funereal love poetry of Hey Sister to the obsession fuelled nightmare of Transmission, it won't let you go.

Love Transmitter is produced by Tim Powles who captures and distills Cullen's songs in glorious high fidelity lo-fi. Powles has great musical understanding and a sonic vocabulary rooted in Abbey Road and his sympathetic production allows Cullen to go where noone thought he could. These are candlelit analogue sounds for lovers and dreamers everywhere.

Production Notes

Love Transmitter was recorded in Tim Powles' SpaceJunk studio in Glebe, Sydney Australia between September 2001 and January 2002. The album is a hybrid of digital and analogue technologies available at the time and has quite a crunchy sound.Read more ...



Back in 2002, Michael Cullen, former front man of The Hardheads and Watershed, released his debut solo album. Ten years on the album has been remastered and re-released in a shiny new digi-pack. This is good news as the album was easily one of the most underrated to have arrived in the noughties. read more ...


Sounding a little like a drugged-up version of Peter Steele from Type-O Negative, Michael Cullen makes his solo debut. You can be forgiven for wondering just who this Michael Cullen bloke is read more ...

Drum Media

Be prepared to be surprised with Love Transmitter. if you've followed Michael Cullen's career through The Hardheads and the unjustifiably ignored Watershed, this is another side of him barely hinted at in those projects read more ...


This is the debut solo album from the former front man of punk groups The Hardheads and Watershed. However if you were expecting another punk album then you would be in for a massive shock. Instead Mr. Cullen has gone for a very dark and moody soundscape. The results of this departure in style are quite astounding as each track is beautifully crafted. ‘All used up’ and ‘transmission’ both stand up as powerful highlights read more ...

Seance Lists

It's like a darker and crunchier version of Stephen Cummings' recent stuff (blurb suggests Swervedriver as an influence). I heard a lot of Go Betweens in there too (they also get namedropped on one track), recent Leonard Cohen too perhaps. Strong growly deep vocals read more ...


Gothic love at its best. Filled with a creepy vibe throughout, this song has a subtle, dramatic quality that frames the lead vocalist's deep, hypnotic voice perfectly. An inescapable sense of foreboding rides alongside quiet musings of love, which makes your heart ache while the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Lush, engaging, and addictive, this song is everything you want in Gothic-Alternative sound more reviews from Garage Band ...

jjj unearthed

The music here is like post punk crossed with rhythm and blues, the end result is both unique and infectious read more ...