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Michael Cullen - True Believer: Album `unique and uniquely valuable'

by Arne Sjostedt on Date November 20, 2014

Artist: Michael Cullen
Album: True Believer
Label: CD Baby
Rating: 4.5/5

A rich offering, this album invites you to stay for the ride and take in its tones. Made using analogue equipment, it has been patiently constructed, is even tempered and makes for good company. In it, you come to feel that Canberra gent Michael Cullen is deeply concerned with the craft and artifice of his creation, but also with the content he delivers. Everything is very deliberate and I was left feeling strangely contented. Inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, you nevertheless get a very Michael Cullen experience. He is strong and has a distinctive baritone vocal that weaves through the music, making this album unique, and uniquely valuable.

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