Michael P Cullen Announces Black Dog Live EP

30th June 2016

We are very pleased to announce the impending release of the Black Dog live EP. The four track EP which includes the title cut as well as Black Coffee and Cigarettes, Believer and I Walk Alone, all originally featured on the True Believer album, captures Michael and his stellar band the Soul Searchers in glorious form.

The Soul Searchers led by Tim Powles of The Church with Andy Sharpe on bass, (Iota) Craig Wilson on keyboards (astreetlightsong) and James Harland-Wright (Stretch Princess) on guitar demonstrate their prowess reinterpreting Michael’s studio recordings in a way which deepens and strengthens their baritone mood as well as embedding some live grit.

In addition to the EP there will be a 5 track video shot and edited by Graham Gall. The video includes all songs on the EP as well as Nothing Special. Graham and his team captured Michael and the Soul Searchers in action at the lazybones Lounge in the inner western Sydney neighbourhood of Marrickville.