Michael P Cullen and the Soul Searchers Live in Sydney Video

23rd November 2016

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Michael P Cullen and the Soul Searchers Live in Sydney video. Directed by award winning Australian film maker Graham Gall, the video captures Michael and his stellar band the Soul Searchers in glorious form on stage at the Lazybones Lounge in Sydney. It features five amazing songs - Black Dog, Nothing Special, Black Coffee and Cigarettes, Believer and I Walk Alone, all from the critically acclaimedTrue Believer album and all cooking.

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Believer on Frank Skinner Show

12th November 2016

A big thanks to Frank Skinner and his team for featuring Michael's Believer single on the Frank Skinner Show today on UK's Absolute Radio. Clearly they know a good song when they hear one!

Cha Cha Cha d'Amour Shortlisted

24th August 2016

The hypnotic and compelling video for Michael’s song Cha Cha Cha d’Amour directed by Graham Gall and featuring Canberra actress and comedienne Catherine Crow, has been shortlisted in the Canberra Short Film Festival.

Described in the Festival Program as A dark love song with definite danceability and a rawness that comes straight from the unique production, “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour” has a glimmer of authenticity to it that makes it unique in this time of post-punk revival bands.

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Michael P Cullen Announces Live EP

30th June 2016

We are very pleased to announce the impending release of the Black Dog live EP. The four track EP which includes the title cut as well as Black Coffee and Cigarettes, Believer and I Walk Alone, all originally featured on the True Believer album, captures Michael and his stellar band the Soul Searchers in glorious form.

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Michael P Cullen and the Soul Searchers Live

20th November 2015

Michael was joined on stage by his band the Soul Searchers for the first time on November 19th at the Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville (that's in inner western Sydney for folks outside Australia).

Michael and the Soul Searchers played a set that was emotionally charged, intense and cinematic and warmly appreciated by a hugely enthusiastic audience revelling in the art deco splendour of Lazybones. Read More

Michael P Cullen Believer Video

29th October 2015

The video for the Believer single is out now

Shot by Graham Gall in the village of Hoskintown in rural NSW. The well worn locations of the Hoskintown RSL hall, 19th century stone church and adjacent cemetery, railway track and dirt road provide a vivid backdrop for Michael's tale of love and yearning - "Believer"

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New Single Believer

15th October 2015

In his new single, Believer, Michael P Cullen delivers a glass half empty narrative in a unique and textured baritone vocal style with echoes of American mid century pulp writers, 60s Vegas cabaret and Southern Gothic Americana. He has often been compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave but Believer's unique blend of Noir, Spaghetti Western, Motown, New Wave and Northern Soul ultimately defies comparison.

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True Believer Live

1st September August 2015

For the first time in Australia, Michael P Cullen will be playing songs from his internationally acclaimed album True Believer with his band The Soul Searchers. Read more ...

Australian Spectrum Radio Show

5th August 2015

Michael appeared on Ross Fear's famous Australian Spectrum Radio Program on Monday August 4th. Read more ...

Double J plays Cha Cha Cha d'Amour

3rd June 2015

Henry Waggons featured Cha Cha Cha d'Amour on his outstanding 'Tower of Song' program on ABC's Double J network on June 2nd. Read more ...

Cha Cha Cha d'Amour video

12th May 2015

The video for Cha Cha d'Amour is out now.

Cha Cha Cha d'Amour single

15th April 2015

A new radio edit version of Cha Cha Cha d'Amour is set to be released as the first single from True Believer on May 25th.

Read the UK press release here.

True Believer continues to get airplay at KQAL Winona Minnesota

5th March 2015

Big thank you to KQAL Winona, Minnesota where True Believer has been in rotation for six months! read more ...

Tomatrax Music Blog names Black Dog #1 song of the year

28th January 2015

Tomatrax, the Australian independent music lovers blog, increasingly seen as a vital part of every Australian artists PR schedule, has named Black Dog, the opening track on True Believer as song of the year for 2014. read more ...

US College Radio embraces True Believer

30th November 2014

There has been a very positive reaction to True Believer across US College Radio and we are thrilled. In the past 8 weeks, Over 135 stations have added True Believer into their rotations, including core stations WRUW in Cleveland, OH, WERS in Boston, MA, and WDOM in Providence, RI read more ...

New Album True Believer set for release on 1st October 2014

15th September 2014

The wait is over for Michael's new album. Recorded on tape, mostly at Space junk III and Studios 301 in Sydney between 2010 and 2013, co-produced with timEbandit Powles (Tim Powles, of the Australian masters of guitar atmospherics, The Church) and mixed by Danton Supple (Morrisey, Coldplay), True Believer is a compelling and hypnotic listening experience.

Built around Michael Cullen's resonant baritone, which is deeper and richer than ever before, the music draws from Stax, Mowtown, New Wave and 80s British pop as well read more of this story ...

Critical acclaim for Love Transmitter re-mastered.

23rd April 2014

The reviews are in and we are thrilled with the response to the re-mastered version of Love Transmitter. Here are some highlights:

Craig Manning writes in Absolute Punk that "You can’t quite tell whether he’s sad, pissed off, wasted, or in a state of perpetually not giving a shit, but that fact, the enigma of Cullen's delivery throughout this album, makes it a consistently compelling listen". Ryan Robinson in Listen Hear magazine says, "Professional Entertainers … is the best song I’ve heard in ages. read more of this story …

US AAA and Specialty Airplay for Love Transmitter

28th February 2014

So far this year "Professional Entertainers" from Love Transmitter has been spun at The Penguin Rocks.com Indie Rock Radio from New Jersey, on The Flight Test show on 96.1 WKZQ Myrtle Beach, on the Sher Delight show on HGRNJ.com New Jersey, on the Mid Tenn Listens 56 Podcast, on Don Campau's No Pigeonholes show and podcast - European and American versions (Don played "Spill" as well) and on the Undercover Sound System show on Riff2 Detroit.


Interview with Michael in The Pen's Eye View

19th January 2014

Thank you Richie Frieman and the Pen's Eye View team for a really enjoyable, comprehensive and searching interview focussed on the craft of writing songs!

Read a full transcript of the interview here ...

Interview with Michael in Under the Gun Review

13th December 2013

Many Thanks to Brian Lion and the good folks at Under The Gun Review for asking the insightful questions in a wide ranging interview with Michael covering his primary musical influences, why he became a musician, working with Tim Powles and where the new album is up to … and more.

Read a full transcript of the interview here ...

Danton Supple to Mix New Album

1st October 2013

Famed English producer, Danton Supple, has been engaged to mix a number of tracks on Michael's upcoming new album. Mr Supple has an amazing track record ranging from Coldplay to Ian Brown to Oceansize to Autoheart.

"I am absolutely chuffed that Danton has agreed to work on my record,"says Michael. read more ...

New Song Preview

18th December 2012

A mixing stint was recently completed at Tim Powles' Spacejunk studio for Michael's new album. Nine songs are now complete. A preview version of one of the new songs, 'I Walk Alone' has now been uploaded to SoundCloud.

'I Walk Alone' was recorded at Spacejunk and mixed at Studios 301 Sydney read more ...

Love Transmitter Re-Mastered!

4th July 2012

A new audio master has just gone to the pressing plant for Love Transmitter. The album was re-mastered by Andrew Edgson at 301 in Sydney and sounds sooo good. "The original master was fine but I took the opportunity of a re-press to tweak a few things that had always bugged me," Michael said today. read more ...

October Sessions

22nd October 2011

Recently, Michael spent some time at Spacejunk putting down guitar tracks for his new album. Guitar parts were recorded for new songs read more ...

Pictures from Latest Recording Session

6th August 2011

When recording at Spacejunk 3 recently, Monica Pronk snapped these photographs of Michael putting down the vocal for new song, "Black Dog". In these shots read more ...

Tape Machine for Recording New Album

21st July 2011

Michael returns to Spacejunk next week to put down vocals and guitars on a batch of songs for his new album. Just in time, a vintage MCI 2 inch tape machine has been installed at Spacejunk so that Michael can get that fat, fat sound read more ...

Love Transmitter listed in Tomatrax Top 100 Australian Albums

15th June 2011

Indie blog and music magazine Tomatrax has listed Love Transmitter as 18th best Australian album of all time coming in just behind I'm Stranded by The Saints and just ahead of the Sunnyboy's self-titled debut album. read more ...

Recording at Spacejunk 3

23rd May 2011

Michael has commenced recording a second batch of new songs with Tim Powles at Tim's Spacejunk studio in Sydney. read more ...

Tracking and mixing at 301

10th December 2010

Michael has been adding vocals and guitars to finish five new songs at Studios 301 Sydney. read more ...

Michael Cullen commences new album

15th September 2010

After nine years of silence Michael has commenced work on the follow up to Love Transmitter. He has enlisted long time collaborator Tim Powles read more ...

Maddabling Blog lists Michael Cullen as outstanding new talent

2nd August 2010

Michael listed in the top 10 of acts on JJJ's Unearthed on the Maddabbling design and creative lifestyle blog. It comments on Michael's song Transmission, "This song has a fast energetic vibe with dark atmospheric undertones. The music alone creates vivid imagery while the cleverly crafted lyrics add the story in." read more ...

Michael Cullen: Love Transmitter
Michael Cullen: Love Transmitter
The Hardheads: The Long Goodbye