True Believer

Sydney Morning Herald `unique and uniquely valuable' Rating: 4.5/5

A rich offering, this album invites you to stay for the ride and take in its tones. Made using analogue equipment, it has been patiently constructed, is even tempered and makes for good company. read more ...


Love Transmitter Re-Mastered


Love Transmitter is definitely a must hear – no accident that in 2011 it was named in the top twenty Australian albums by music blog Tomatrax .


You can’t quite tell whether he’s sad, pissed off, wasted, or in a state of perpetually not giving a shit, but that fact, the enigma of Cullen's delivery throughout this album, makes it a consistently compelling listen. read more ...


Love Transmitter Original Version


Gothic love at its best. Filled with a creepy vibe throughout, this song has a subtle, dramatic quality that frames the lead vocalist's deep, hypnotic voice perfectly. An inescapable sense of foreboding rides alongside quiet musings of love, which makes your heart ache while the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Lush, engaging, and addictive, this song is everything you want in Gothic-Alternative sound read more ...

Michael Cullen: Love Transmitter
Michael Cullen: Love Transmitter
The Hardheads: The Long Goodbye